Soup Recommendation For Springtime

Soup Recommendation For Springtime

March 14, 2022

Now that spring is here, it is crucial to protect our bodies to weather the change in seasons.

Spring, in most of the United States, is slightly humid and still cold. While we enjoy our walks outside to see the leaves coming back and the flowers start blooming again, we need to protect ourselves from absorbing excessive moisture in the air with the cold air still lingering.

The best soup for this exchange of seasons is the Winter Melon Soup With Pork and Kapok Tree Flowers. The soup contains adzuki beans and kapok flowers, both of which are known to remove excessive moisture. The lily leaf and figs in the recipe help to clear toxins too, all while simultaneously moisturizing our lungs.

In the midst of the cold and warm weather interchange, the winter melon is superb for clearing any trapped heat and is a great source of Vitamin C.

Enjoy this invigorating soup that detoxes at the same time!

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