Five-Finger Peach, Kudzu Root, and Coix Seed Soup

Chayote, Chinese Yam, Lotus Seed, and Makhana Fish Soup

Polygonatum, Papaya, Coix Seed, and Chinese Yam Soup

Swede, Carrot, and Pork Soup

Winter Melon Soup with Pork and Kapok Tree Flowers

Sweet Potato with Papaya, Soybean, and Fig Soup

Pork Spleen, Lily Bulb, Common Rush, Chinese Yam, and Dried Tangerine Peel Soup

Watercress Soup with Apricot Kernels, Pork, Lotus Seeds, Chinese Yam and Makhana

Artichoke Soup with Pork and Apricot Kernels

Kudzu Root, Bean, Date, and Pork Soup


Adzuki Bean, Black-Eyed Pea, Old Cucumber, and Carrot Soup

Papaya, Jujube, and Dried Bean Curd Soup

Apricot Kernel, Apple, and Tofu Soup

Dried Ginkgo Nut, Bean Curd, and Lily Bulb Soup

Duck with Ching Po Leung Soup

Carrot, Water Chestnuts, and Pork Soup

Fish with Tofu and Parsley Soup

Sugarcane, Rhizonma Imperatae and Honeysuckle Drink

Mung Bean, Winter Melon, Lily Leaf, and Lotus Seed Soup

Fuzzy Melon, Tea Tree Mushroom, Black-Eyed Pea, and Adzuki Bean



Crocodile Soup with Chinese Yam and Makhana

Sea Coconut Soup with Chestnuts and Figs

Coconut, Goji Berry, Snow Fungus, and Jujube Soup

Pig Shank, Dried Oyster, and Fuzzy Melon Soup

Apple, Pear, Fig, Pork, and Tangerine Peel Soup

Partridge, Fritillaria Bulb, and Five Bean Soup

Papaya, Apricot Kernel, and Snow Fungus Soup

Monk Fruit, Chinese Yam, Conch, and Fig Soup

Polygonatum, Sand Ginseng, Water Chestnut, and Pork Soup

Apricot Kernel, Bok Choy, Honey Date, and Pork Soup



Codonopsis, Chicken, and Fish Maw Soup

Papaya, Chicken Feet, and Lily Bulb Soup

Ox Shank Soup with Goji Berries, Jujube, and Longan

Coconut, Polygonatum, and Conch Soup

Chinese Yam, Goji Berry, and Black Chicken Soup

Apricot Kernel Puree, Bok Choy, and Chicken Soup

Red Lingzhi with Chrysanthemum, Jujube, and Beef Soup

Ginseng with Rice Soup

Codonopsis, Five-Finger Peach, Polygonatum, Chinese Yam, and Hyacinth Bean Soup

Walnut, Astragalus Root, Chinese Yam, and Pork Shank Soup



Cordyceps Flowers, Goji Berry, and Red Lingzhi Soup

Three Bean Soup Drink

Five-Finger Peach with Siberian Ginseng Soup

Five-Finger Peach and Black Chicken Soup

Seahorse, Sandworm, and Goji Berry Soup

Drink for Poor Air Quality: Young Monk Fruit Water

Drink to Relieve Stress: Flower Tea



Tangerine Peel Tea (Spring)

Korean Mint and Lotus Leaf Tea (Summer)

Snow Pear Water (Fall)


Calming Canker Sores: Sand Ginseng and Dwarf Lilyturf Drink

Relieving Light Flus Caused by Spring/Summer Heat: Wu Mei Drink

Relieving Fall Dryness and Light Coughs: Snow Pear and Fritillaria Bulb Drink

Detoxing from Poor Air Quality, Smoke Inhalation and Fires: Young Monk Fruit Water

Relieving Stress: Flower Tea

Increasing Immunity During Summer: Three Bean Soup Drink

Virus Protection and Blood Health: Persimmon Leaf Tea



Chrysanthemum Tea

Honeysuckle Tea

Lily Tea

Eye Tea

Tangerine Peel Tea

Lotus Seed Heart Tea

Three Flower Tea

Tieguanyin Tea

Winter Tangerine Peel Tea