How To Use Goji Berries In A Winter Soup

How To Use Goji Berries In A Winter Soup

December 13, 2021

Winter has finally arrived. Even in Los Angeles where we live, it is getting cold and windy. This is a good time to make a hearty Black Chicken Soup With Goji Berries And Chinese Yam to warm up our bodies. Like animals that hibernate and plants that shed their leaves, we should store up our energy from extremely nutritious food in order to prepare for spring, our time to sprout.

Goji berries are great for blood health because of their abundance of iron that they provide for our red blood cells. Chinese yam strengthens the spleen which is responsible for absorbing nutrients from the chicken soup to be distributed to the rest of the body.

If you do not like black chicken or it is not available to you, substituting it with regular chicken is fine. Hens are preferred over roosters.

This recipe can be found in our book and the herbal ingredients can be purchased through our website.

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